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The Great Equalizer

Over the years, I have spent time running with many different people. My favourite of these informal running groups was - and is - the group I ran with during my time teaching at Bishop's University in Lennoxville, QC. We ranged in age from 30 to 60+, and together comprised of faculty representing the departments of Environmental Studies & Geography, Philosophy, Psychology, English, Political Studies, Biology, and Religion, as well as coaches of the football and basketball teams. This was a diverse bunch. At least two of us would run together at lunch 3 days a week, and it was not uncommon to have the whole group out on a perfect afternoon. Three runners (myself and my dear friends Jamie and Benoit) made up the "core" of this team and were often training for marathons together, adding long runs in on weekends. Memorably, during the summer we would route a 30-k run to end up at a pub on a lake in neighbouring North Hatley, where we would wade into the lake and subsequ…

Fall, or Why I'm Starting a Running Blog

Fall is my favourite time of year to run. Until winter, when I will remember the joys of winter running - but for now, fall is upon us. The air is crisp and dry, the sky is (usually) clear and the trees on the trails are slowly turning all shades of fiery splendour. Some mornings, I breathe in and the damp, faintly sweet smell of decomposing leaf litter instantly transports me back to high school cross-country races. Fall is always a time of renewal for me, much more so than spring (a curious side-effect of being a career academic, for whom a new year has always begun in September). For years, running has in many ways been a lifeline for me, and this always seems to be brought into sharp focus in the fall, when life suddenly gets busier. Maybe this is when I need running the most. I run when I am happy, upset, confused, angry, and overwhelmed. I run when I just feel like running. Through all the ups and downs of my life, running has always been there for me, like a comforting and yet …