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Achieving Goals: The Cake, and The Icing

I'm running the BMO Vancouver Marathon in 8 days. All the work is done until race day: now the focus is on tapering my mileage and run intensity in order to recover from 3 months of hard training, and to get back what I like to think of as "bouncy legs". I am a goal-driven person, so what gets me through the training - aside from the fact that I just really love running - is knowing what I am working towards. I always have goals for races I am heading into (assuming I have some experience with the distance and/or course); these are essentially based on what time I really want to be able to run, tempered by how my training cycle has gone. I was at a bit of a disadvantage coming into this training after a 3-month layoff, but I am pleased with how my fitness has progressed. 2 weeks ago I ran my highest ever mileage week (91k), and my pace-specific workouts have mostly gone well - with a couple inevitable exceptions when I had less-than-stellar days out there.

So, what are my…

Milestones and Moments

Milestone (noun):
1. a stone pillar that shows the distance in miles to or from a place;

2. a significant event in life, history, etc.

I've been thinking a lot about milestones lately, in both contexts of the definition. Today marks 6 months since my breast cancer surgery; one month from today I run the BMO Vancouver Marathon, which will be my tenth; 16 years ago this month I ran my first, the Big Sur International Marathon. I've been reflecting on the fact that I trained for that race on some of the same routes that I am running now (I was living in Vancouver at the time, but only for one year): the English Bay Inukshuk was and is a landmark I love passing on long runs when I am heading toward the Stanley Park Seawall loop. 
When I signed up for Big Sur in 1999, I was 24 years old and a regular runner; I had run several 10k's and one half marathon, but had no idea how to train for a race this long. I ended up borrowing a marathon training book that my neighbour happened to ha…