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Don't fear slowly moving forward. Fear standing still.

Today marks 4 months since I underwent a bilateral mastectomy. I'm so thankful to be back running strong; it's almost hard to believe that a few short months ago I couldn't even lift my arms over my head or make it through the afternoon without a 2-hr nap. I read an article last week by a medical oncologist who wrote that cancer is a chronic illness: once you are diagnosed, there is always a possibility of recurrence and the best you can hope for is to be NED, "no evidence of disease". When I was out running that day, I was reflecting on this stark statement as well as the language of breast cancer: words like "warrior", "battle", and "survivor" are so commonplace in the lexicon that people don't seem to think twice about using them. As I ran I wondered, Am I ill? A warrior? A survivor? NED? I really don't relate to any of these terms, nor do I want any of them to be used to describe me or my experience. 

For me, this past 9 m…