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Squamish 50k 2014: From Made in the Shade to Mountain of Phlegm, and Everything in Between

What can I say? This race was incredible. It was brutal. It was a true test of mettle and endurance. And I loved it. 
I finished the Squamish 50k in 7 hours 12 minutes, and came in as the 11th place woman. I have never run for that long in my life (well okay, some of it was definitely more power hiking than running), and it's crazy to think that that time is well over double my marathon time - for only 8 kilometers more in distance. That right there is a good indication of the insane terrain that this race covered. I've already waxed eloquent about the beautiful, crazy ups and downs (literally) of the course in previous posts - so, here, I'll go into the more figurative ups and downs the race presented me with.

I had a fantastic start, just running my usual training pace and feeling very comfortable on the familiar trails. The first 10k flew by; the short climb up Made in the Shade seemed easy, and Rob's Corners was fast and fun. I headed into the big ascent on Galactic …

Countdown to the Squamish 50

In 8 days, I'm going to be running this:
I'd be lying if I said I was feeling completely prepared  - though, I have to wonder if anyone ever feels totally ready for an event like this. The Squamish 50k is going to be my first ultramarathon, and first trail race over a half marathon. It is renowned for being a particularly tough course (as evidenced by the 11 hour cutoff time). Living in Squamish has afforded me the advantage of training on these trails; I've covered the entire route in sections and can definitely attest to the toughness, as well as the incredible beauty of the landscape the race runs through. Here are a few snaps from training runs I've done on the course:

I've never had so much fun training for a race, and am simply looking forward to being out there next Sunday. I've missed about of month of training due to having surgery in June, so am not going into this with any fast expectations in terms of my time, nor am I at all sure how I'm going to…