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What's Worth That?

Sometimes running can be a solitary experience. I am currently sitting in the dark huddled in a blanket, forcing myself to eat breakfast and get some coffee down, because I'm running a trail half marathon in an hour and a half. My stomach is churning with nervous energy and I'm obsessively checking the hourly temperature forecast (-1 at the start, 5 degrees at the finish. No rain, so all in all a good morning for a fall trail run, but I'm going back and forth on whether to wear a hat. This decision seems of paramount importance at the moment). Once the breakfast settles I will painstakingly attach my timing chip to my shoelaces, triple-checking that the zip-tie is secure and vaguely worrying that I have put it on backwards, even though I have worn chips countless times and know this does not make a difference. I will likely visit the bathroom at least 4 times before I leave the house, and yet somehow need to find one as soon as I arrive at the race start (and I will not be…

Running Sustainably

Ed Ayres, author of The Longest Race, draws a metaphorical comparison between running endurance and societal sustainability. He writes, 
"We are by nature the most enduring, patient, and envisioning of all species. But our culture has seduced us away from that nature. There are communities that have instinctively resisted that seduction — “slow food,” hiking, trout fishing, meditation, violin-playing, gardening, reading, bird-watching, trail running. But to have hope of a truly enduring future, our whole global enterprise will need to slow down — in its addictive consumption and grasping for quick rewards — and begin to find a rhythm for the long run".This resonates with me. I have always thought of running as a kind of exemplar for how I live my life (setting goals; being determined and working hard; pushing through difficulty; finding joy in simple things), but I never considered extending the metaphor this far. In the book - which I have yet to read, but will be on my book…