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Staying the Course

Nine days ago, after two weeks of hospital visits, tests and anxious waiting, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Complications after the diagnostic biopsy had left me unable to run for 10 days, but the day after I received the news, the antibiotics had done their work and I was feeling physically fine. Mentally I was all over the place, alternating among fear, defiance, sadness, and the relief of knowing at least the first step of what I have to face. So, on a beautiful spring day in BC, I turned off my brain, laced up my running shoes and hit the trails for a run. As Scott Jurek so perfectly puts it in his book Eat & Run, 
"You could carry your burdens lightly or with great effort. You could worry about tomorrow or not ... None of it mattered as long as you moved, as long as you did something. Asking why was fine, but it wasn't action. Nothing brought the rewards of moving, of running." That day I ran miraculously dry, dusty paths through forests and up and down hil…