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Now bid me run, And I will strive with things impossible: a Love Letter

Dear Running,
I miss you. It has only been 5 weeks since we last saw each other, but I am scared that you won't recognize me when we finally meet again. I can feel my muscles weakening and my endurance fading - but believe me when I say I think of you every day. When we do reconnect, I know that it is going to have to be in short doses so that we won't tire of each other too soon ... but I also know that what I will really want is to jump back into spending hours with you. Patience. It's never really been my best virtue, but then you know that. 
You have been my companion for so long, even if at times I took you for granted. I remember the high school cross-country days like they were yesterday - I can close my eyes and still picture and smell the course that we travelled so many times, where I trained for four years and won my first race. I have clear memories of long "desertion" runs, dusty country roads, and repeats on grassy hills. I raced through forests and p…