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Happy Trails

It seems I'm not the most...consistent blogger. It's hard to believe that my last post was in December(!), but then again I've had some major life changes since then. Running-wise, I had a solid winter of training capped off with the Around the Bay 30k race in March (2:19), and the Billy Taylor 15k race in April (1:05). Since then I haven't raced, but have moved to BC and am re-connecting with my trail running self. It has been humbling, motivating, and exceedingly fun. 
The runs I do now largely look like the above picture, with lots of up and down switchback trails, logging roads, and rugged cross country mountain bike trails. They also have the advantage of having periodic views like this:
All in all, it's a pretty incredible place to run, and it is likely going to mean some re-evaluating of my race goals. I have always loved running on trails but have never had such easy access to them; now that I do, it is going to be difficult for me to want to run on the roads…