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Elevating Expectations

I've been in BC for 8 months now, and am fully immersed in trail running. True to the expectation I expressed in my last post (which was - ahem - 8 months ago), my road shoes are gathering dust in the closet and I have committed to running the Squamish 50k trail race in August. I live about 100m from a trailhead that opens up into a never-ending network of trails through Western Coastal Hemlock forests and rugged mountain scenery. Since my first exploration run on these trails last August, I have ventured increasingly further into the wilds, running on single track mountain bike trails with hilarious and often daunting names like Entrails, Angry Midget, and Icy Hole of Death. On weekend long runs, I try to run sections of the race course to prepare myself, at least mentally, for what is to come. One trail, fittingly called Climb Trail, is a series of switchbacks that gains 500 m in elevation and takes me around 45 minutes to run up - this is hard enough at the beginning of a run, …