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Edit the Sad Parts: A Tale of Two 2014s

In one version of 2014, I am going through the emotionally draining process of fully separating myself from an extremely unhealthy previous relationship. I am interviewed for a faculty position in the town where I live, at the university at which I am already working - but don't get the job. Shortly after this rejection I am diagnosed with breast cancer, and spend the next 6 months in and out of tests, consultations, surgeries, and treatments - all the while grappling with this new reality and the impossible decisions and changes that come with it. All told, I need to take over 3 months off from running while I recover physically from two different surgeries, which is very difficult for me mentally because running is one of my foremost tools for coping with stress. During this period, I start a new job and try to pretend that cancer is not throwing my life into turmoil. As the year closes, I am educating myself on treatment side effects and the statistics of recurrence rates, and …

If it doesn't Challenge you it doesn't Change you

Today, a milestone: my first pain-free run since undergoing a bilateral mastectomy on October 3rd. I've done a couple 20-minute runs over the last two weeks, but neither went very well and I came away from both feeling sore and more deflated than elated. Not so today! Although I was out of shape after over 2 months off, and realized that the last run I had timed read 2h45 on my chrono, I pushed those thoughts aside and thoroughly enjoyed today's short spin on the trails.

I'm cautiously considering today's 28 and a half minutes the start of my winter base training. You have to start somewhere, and I have long known that while the first few weeks back after a layoff are difficult, I just need to keep at it ... and it will get better. My legs will get rolling soon enough and I'll slip back into a groove of feeling like a runner again. I've missed feeling like that, and am excited to turn the challenges of this past year into motivation for chasing after some person…