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Keeping it Honest

Since I'm building a base for Vancouver Marathon training right now, I've been running on a mixture of roads and trails. This has been a departure from the purely trail running that I've been doing for over a year, and I have to say I am enjoying the combination. Both types of running keep me honest, but in different ways. Brendan gave me a Garmin watch for Christmas, so I've been entertaining myself by mapping the routes and graphing the profiles of my runs. Here are two typical ~10k routes that I've done this week, the first in Squamish on the trails and the second in Vancouver on a mixture of roads and paved paths (note the elevation scales are not the same):

So how do these both "keep me honest"? On the trails, sheer grit and focus on footing are paramount. It's as much a mental game as a physical one: there is very little easy, zoned out running (at least not on Squamish trails - if my attention wavers for a second I can easily trip on a rock, or …