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Taking a Step Back to Move Forward

It's been quite the weekend, and it's hard to know where to start this story. How's this: Yesterday was the Canadian National Mountain Running Championships at Cypress Mountain, which I was thrilled to have qualified to run - but I didn't run it. 

How could I pass up an experience like that? 

It boils down to something quite simple: I'm exhausted. For the last ten days, my body has been asking me in subtle ways to back off my running and rest for a while. I've been mostly listening, too - I've only run about 50km total in those 10 days, and have taken many more days off than normal - but I am now certain that this is not what my body means by backing off. On Friday I made the tough decision to not race Nationals, and take a full 7-10 days off running. My #1 goal race for this year is the Squamish 50k in 5 weeks, and I wanted to do everything I can to get to that start line healthy, fresh, and ready to go.

So I went for a casual mountain bike ride yesterday mor…